Hadron-gluon interactions, pomerons, and infinite component wave equations

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Gilboa, Eyal

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This document is a work regarding Hadron phenomenology and contains two major components. The first part of this work is a presentation of a field theoretical model describing gluon interactions with color neutral fields whose aim is to describe the interactions of Hadrons through scattering in the Regge region of QCD . This model yields Hadron structure in the infra-red sector of QCD, which is ultimately used to describe a Pomeron exchange where a Regge intercept of the Pomeron Regge trajectory is obtained. One of the main results of this work is that the Hadron structure provides a significant contribution to such an interaction, and that this structure is primarily a result of t-channel exchanges of Reggeized gluons. The second part of this work is devoted to the construction of a relativistic infinite component wave equation describing the propagation of a free field carrying infinite components of angular momentum, or spin. The motivation for such a construction is to ultimately describe Hadron interactions giving rise excitations along Regge trajectories. One consequence of this equations is that it accommodate fields whose physical states differ by two units of angular momentum, namely 4J = 2, fitting an observed Regge sequence.




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