Tax Equity in the Unemployment Insurance Program of Texas




Geraci, Vincent J.
McPherson, Robert E.

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Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources


To what extent does the UI tax structure in Texas produce an equitable distribution of benefit-costs among employers? In examining this broad policy concern, the present study focuses on the following set of basic research questions: Ql: What is the meaning of tax equity in a social insurance system for unemployed workers? Q2: How does UI tax equity relate to the degree of experience rating for individual employers? Q3: What are the appropriate measures of UI tax equity to assess a state UI program? Q4: To what extent does UI tax equity vary by industry major group and division? QS: To what extent does UI tax equity vary by business size, wage level, and age? Q6: How has the 1984 reform of the UI tax structure in Texas affected tax equity?


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