Study of Different Aging Conditions for Analysis of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of F357 Alloy Fabricated in LPBF Printer




Medrano, V.A.
Caballero, K.
Arrieta, E.
Benedict, M.
Wicker, R. B.
Medina, F.

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Aluminum F357 is a widely used material for casting in aerospace and additive manufacturing industry. Heat treatments are commonly applied to some aluminum alloys to modify its properties. With a further study on the aging and performance of the F357 with 3D printing technology, several industries benefit of this, military, automotive and aerospace are some examples, because the numerous components casted in service. This work presents mechanical properties of F357 specimens fabricated with EOS technology and subjected to heat treatments. Heat treatments conditions were applied to tensile specimens and tested. Furthermore, the specimens were subjected to artificial thermal aging for 100 h and 1000 h at two different temperatures (285 ºF and 350 ºF), and their mechanical properties were also determined. Finally, remarks on the comparison between the heat treatments and the effect of thermal aging on the microstructures and mechanical properties of the specimens will be presented.


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