High Viscosity Jetting System for 3D Reactive Inkjet Printing

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Yang, H.
He, Y.
Tuck, C.
Wildman, R.
Ashcroft, I.
Dickens, P.
Hague, R.

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University of Texas at Austin


High viscosity ink is a potential solution for the improvement of current 3D ink jetting technology. In this study, experiments are carried out to study a series of inks with differing viscosities jetted with PicoDot™ jet valves under different process parameters of temperature and pressure. Results show that a wide range of ink materials from low viscosity (water like materials) to very high viscosity (thixotropic materials) can be jetted with the piezoelectric actuated jet valves without the need of solvents and surfactants. The jetting volume can be controlled under certain conditions between 2nl and 15nl. The jetting performances for low, medium and high viscosity inks have been recorded by high-speed video photography.


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