Spectral Analysis of Infrared Lamps for Use in the High Speed Sintering Process

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Norazman, Farhana
Smith, Patrick
Hopkinson, Neil

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University of Texas at Austin


High Speed Sintering (HSS) is an additive manufacturing (AM) process that utilizes a combination of inkjet printing and infrared heating to create three dimensional objects from polymer powder. The interaction between the ink, sintering lamp and powder is pivotal in promoting the optimum sintering behavior required to ensure the high dimensional accuracy and strength of parts. This paper investigates the relationship between the spectral irradiance of sintering lamps and the mechanical properties of high speed sintered parts. Nylon-12 parts were manufactured using two different infrared lamps. Ultimate tensile strength, Young’s modulus and elongation at break of the manufactured parts were determined. Densities of parts were calculated while porosities were measured using micro-computed tomography. Irradiances of the IR lamps were measured and their spectra analyzed. Results show that the parts manufactured using the high irradiance lamp had better tensile properties, and lower density and porosity compared to the low irradiance lamp.


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