ParaMonte: An Efficient Serial/Parallel MCMC Library

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Sapkota, Parvat
Osborne, Joshua A
Shashank Kumbhare
Bagheri, Fatemeh
Shahmoradi, Amir

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The scientific inference is a multistep process requiring observational data from which a model/hypothesis is derived. The parameters of this physical model then have to be tuned to more accurately represent data in a process known as model calibration. This calibrated model is then validated and is finally used to predict different quantities of interest. The most fundamental tool for model calibration and uncertainty quantification is the Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC). While existing packages achieve many of the goals of the MCMC simulations, none currently addresses all critical aspects of an MCMC simulation. For instance, packages are frequently limited to only one programming language environment, perform serial or parallel simulations, or lack restart functionality. We present ParaMonte, a generic user-friendly, high- performance Monte Carlo simulation toolbox for serial and parallel Monte Carlo simulations accessible from multiple programming languages. ParaMonte features automatically-enabled restart functionality of all simulations in serial or parallel and comprehensive post-processing and visualization of the simulation results. This package is available to the public under the MIT license from its permanent repository:




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