Microprocessor power management and a stand-alone benchmarking application for Android based platforms




Yeager, Hans L.

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Components used in mobile hand-held devices (smart phones and tablets) vary greatly in performance and power consumption. The microprocessors used in these devices also have vastly different capabilities and manufacturing limitations leading to significant variation effects. Battery life is a significant concern to the end users of these products. A stand-alone Android application capable of benchmarking a device's performance and power consumption is introduced. The application does not require the end user to have any analytic equipment or to have a technical background. This enables individual end users to better understand their particular device's performance and battery life interaction. They may also use the application to determine if their device's performance or battery life has degraded over time. Data is also uploaded to a central location so that devices can be compared against each other. The benchmarking application is capable of resolving variation effects caused by device, environmental changes and power management actions. This application demonstrates the feasibility of creating a low cost ecosystem where thousands of devices can be quantitatively compared.



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