A systems analysis procedure for estimating the capacity of an airport: system definition, capacity definition and review of available models

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Chambers, Edward V. III
Chmores, Tommy
Dunlay, William J., Jr
Gualda, Nicolau D. F.
McCullough, B. F.
Park, Chang-Ho
Zaniewski, John

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Council for Advanced Transportation Studies


This research memo presents results obtained during the period from July 1 through October 1, 1975, in research on a systems analysis procedure for estimating the capacity of an airport in which both airside and landside capacities are studied. A definition of the system is presented including the system boundaries and a description of the subsystems and components of the overall system. A review is made of available analytical models of airport components including air traffic control, runways, gates, passenger processing baggage claim, internal roadways, and parking lots. Also included is a discussion of previous concepts and definitions of capacity, a discussion of relevant units of capacity, and a proposed definition of capacity for the airport system as a whole as well as its subsystems and components.


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