Passive wireless antenna sensor for strain, temperature, crack and fatigue measurement

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Chiao, Jung-Chih
Huang, Haiying
Carter, Ronald L.
Tata, Uday Shankar

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United States Patent and Trademark Office


An apparatus and method is provided for monitoring a condition of a structure using a passive wireless antenna sensor having a known resonant frequency when mounted on the structure. A series of radio frequency signals are transmitted with sweeping frequencies around the known resonant frequency to the passive wireless antenna sensor. The passive wireless antenna sensor includes a dielectric substrate disposed between an antenna pattern and a ground plane such that a change in the condition of the structure will cause a change in one or more characteristics of the passive wireless sensor. A signal is received from the passive wireless antenna sensor and a resonant frequency of the passive wireless antenna sensor is determined based on the received signal. The determined resonant frequency is then compared to the known resonant frequency, whereby a change in the resonant frequency indicates a change in the condition of the structure.



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