Analyzing Product Lifecycle Costs for a Better Understanding of Cost Drivers in Additive Manufacturing

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Lindermann, C.
Jahnke, U.
Moi, M.
Koch, R.

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University of Texas at Austin


The costs of additive manufactured parts often seem too high in comparison to those of traditionally manufactured parts, as the information about major cost drivers, especially for additive manufactured metal parts, is weak. Therefore, a lifecycle analysis of additive manufactured parts is needed to understand and rate the cost drivers that act as the largest contributors to unit costs, and to provide a focus for future cost reduction activities for the Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology. A better understanding of the cost structure will help to compare the AM costs with the opportunity costs of the classical manufacturing technologies and will make it easier to justify the use of AM manufactured parts. This paper will present work in progress and methodology based on a sample investigated with business process analysis / simulation and activity based costing. In addition, cost drivers associated with metal AM process will be rated.


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