A critical analysis of the problems in providing vocational-technical education in existing institutions, especially junior colleges




Brooking, Walter J.

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The problem of this study is: To illustrate and analyze the administrative problems encountered in establishing, and maintaining a college program which has the primary objective of providing trained vocational-technical personnel for industrial production and leadership. The method and general plan of the study is as follows: 1. To show the need in the United States for a higher education program at the college level which will train industrial production specialists, planners, and leaders. A critical and comprehensive presentation of the historical background and present status of vocational-technical education as shown by the literature bearing upon the subject provides the basis for this part of the study. 2. To present an analysis and summary of the requirements and characteristics of a vocational-technical education program as a sub-engineering education at the college level. This phase of the study is based upon a searching analysis of the literature bearing upon the subject and is given as a necessary background for the third step in the study. 3. To make an objective analysis and report of problems encountered at LeTourneau Technical Institute as an example of a program which provides vocational-technical education at the college level with the specific aim of training industrial producers, specialists, planners, and leaders. 4. The final phase of this study is to present the conclusions and observations from both the literature and the observed experience at LeTourneau Technical Institute in summary, so that they might show to those who may desire to interpret them the implications of the study for existing schools, or schools being planned--and especially for junior colleges