CRONE : soundtrack to the motion picture

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Lipman, Sam

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CRONE was commissioned in January 2017 by Dorothy O’Shea Overbey with generous support from the Community Initiatives Grant from the City of Austin Cultural Arts Division, as the soundtrack to her forthcoming ballet/virtual reality film. With only a few scenes in mind, Dorothy and I began collaborating to construct a thirty-minute ballet story of a mother-father-daughter triangle. A daughter’s penchant for dark magic proves too much for her mother, who is then killed by the return of the General, her estranged husband. The mother is later avenged when the daughter uses her new power to kill the General, but upon the realization that he was her father, she transforms into the Crone. This work is intended as the prequel for two subsequent full-feature films. CRONE was premiered in concert in Bates Recital Hall on March 17th by the Prismatix Ensemble, conducted by Paul Grobey, and recorded March 18th by engineer John Cates, supervised by UT Professor Bruce Pennycook. The ballet will be choreographed over the summer to the recorded filmscore, subsequently filmed, and spliced together with 3D footage of the concert into a full virtual reality movie, to be released in the Spring of 2018. For more information, please go to



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