Does the match matter? : considering student- and teacher-centered outcomes of teacher-student racial congruence




Dillard, Jendayi B.

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Racial disparities persist between Black and White student populations in the United States, especially in the domains of STEM achievement and exclusionary discipline. Research suggests that racial congruence, or match, between teachers and their students can have an ameliorative effect on these educational disparities, especially for Black public school students, though researchers haven’t examined the interactive effect of STEM achievement and exclusionary discipline disparities as it is associated with teacher-student racial congruence. Additionally, while teacher-student racial congruence has been associated with positive effects for Black students, effects for Black teachers are less clear. To address these gaps, Study 1 examined the association between teacher-student racial congruence and STEM achievement, assignment to exclusionary discipline, and interactions between the two for Black secondary school students in Texas. Study 2 examined associations between demographic and student equity factors and occupational wellbeing for Black secondary school teachers in Texas. Teacher-student racial congruence was significantly, positively associated with Black students’ Algebra I assessment score and interactions between teacher-student racial congruence, teacher-teacher racial congruence and math inequity for Black students significantly predicted Black teachers’ occupational health. Conceptual connections between student-centered and teacher-centered outcomes and subsequent policy implications will be explored.


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