Development of algorithms for service robots in domestic environments

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Mulder, Dominick Anthony

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This thesis focuses on developing software for mobile robots which enables these platforms to perform household tasks. A set of tasks was proposed by the RoboCup Federation for the 2019 RoboCup@Home competition. The primary goal of this competition is to develop a unified robotic system with the capability to assist humans in their daily lives. Efforts toward this competition were made through collaboration with the Austin Villa team at The University of Texas at Austin. Toyota's Human Support Robot served as the robotic platform for the competition. This thesis primarily focuses on a task in which the robot autonomously collects trash bags and transports them to a designated location.

Cooking is another household task addressed in this thesis. In particular, this work examines methods of enabling a robotic system to understand the cooking process and use this understanding to make informed decisions. The case study that was analyzed involves using a Convolutional Neural Network to process image data and estimate when a pancake has been sufficiently cooked.

The work in this thesis contributes toward development of tools for mobile service robots in domestic environments. These tools are also implemented and shown to be effective in enabling robots to improve quality of life by assisting in household chores.


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