Generative Design for Additive Manufacturing of Satellite Optical Tracker Mount




Logozzo, Paula
Palomino, Donald
Meiszner, Abraham
Borijin, Bodia
Wang, Andrew
Watkins, Ryan
Li, Bingbing

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The organic and intricate nature of machine generated parts is problematic during the manufacturing phase, resulting in high costs and slow production with traditional manufacturing techniques. Additive manufacturing has been explored and approved as the potential solution for fabricating complex geometry and organic lattice structures. With the advances in topology optimization and generative design, design for additive manufacturing (DAM) allows users to generate numerous, high-quality design alternatives that are lighter and stronger than traditionally designed parts. This study addresses the process of designing and load testing a satellite optical instrument mounting bracket using the generative design and simulation capabilities of Autodesk Fusion 360. The workflow pipeline begins with the creation of generative design studies for the instrument bracket in accordance with the design criteria outlined in the optical instrument design challenge, where it is then thermally load tested using finite element analysis (FEA) in Fusion 360 and analyzed for its mechanical behavior.


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