An efficient hydraulic fracture geometry calibration workflow using microseismic data



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Microseismic technology has proven its efficiency to monitor hydraulic fracturing effectiveness. The objective of this study is to develop a novel method to calibrate and generate the hydraulic fracture cluster-based model of a multi-stage horizontal shale well using microseismic data. We use microcosmic numerical model known as Microseismic EDFM software feature (MSE-Frac) with the embedded discrete fracture model to simulate the hydraulic and natural fractures and the discrete fracture network. The MSE-Frac can handle the grouping of the clustered microcosmic events around the wellbore and generate a cluster-based model of the complex fractures network. Afterwards, we apply different factors on the hydraulic fractures, natural fractures, and the discrete fracture network to calibrate the fracture's geometry to match the historical data. This method allows us to determine the best parameters to be applied on this model to calibrate the hydraulic fracture geometry, and to find the fractures' characteristics for optimal production. Finally, we conduct a production forecasting study for the next twenty years. Through this study, we develop a novel method to calibrate the complex hydraulic fracture geometry starting from microseismic data. Four main parameters are investigated, namely, height and length cutoff, water saturation, compaction coefficient, and conductivity of the complex hydraulic fracture network. Multiple studies have been conducted to calibrate the geometry of the hydraulic fractures, but relatively less work is focused on utilizing the microseismic events even though they are largely available to most operators. Heretofore, there are no thorough studies on innovating a workflow to calibrate and position the fracture geometry starting from the microseismic events. Our models use more precise methodical approaches to simulate and calibrate the complex hydraulic fracture geometry based on microseismic events.


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