A neutron activated sample activity and dose rate calculator




Valentine, Thomas Morrow, Jr.

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This paper describes the development of a Microsoft (MS) Excel workbook calculator that estimates the dose rate of a neutron activated sample by calculating the activity and associated dose rate contributions of key isotopes. The goal of the calculator is to prove a simplified and reasonably accurate dose rate estimate that can be used by technicians, students, and instructors who routinely perform Neutron Activation Analysis on samples of known material compositions. Furthermore, the calculator can be used by personnel with little or no programming experience or access to more complicated analysis software. This paper outlines the research performed and assumptions made in the development of the calculator along with the methods used for testing its output. The calculator is mostly automated and requires no programming experience and only a limited knowledge of MS excel to operate. Though unable to compare against dose rates of activated sample results, this calculator provides activity result estimates within 5% of the Wise Uranium – Neutron Activation Calculator and a calculated exposure rate within 50% of the dose rates from gamma-ray constants.


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