Public education in Louisiana during the Reconstruction period, 1866-1876




Wood, Edgar Otto

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A general survey of the entire period under consideration has been made, followed by special treatment of particular phases of the problem, such as legislation relative to public schools, the school situtation in New Orleans, public school teachers, and textbooks and curricula employed. It is to be understood that our study has considered only the public schools of the reconstruction period, which include the primary, grammar, high and normal schools. The normal schools herewith mentioned were the normal departments in the high schools in New Orleans. These four types of institutions were supported and controled by the State as free, public institutions. The State University, which also received State support, constitutes another problem; one not dealt with in this study. This brief survey of general educational conditions which obtained in Louisiana during the reconstruction period, presents the major items of interest considered in this, in many respects, the most facinating period of education in the State. The purpose of succeeding chapters is to tell this story in detail