On the generation and detection of multi-MeV photons from petawatt class lasers




Tiwari, Ganesh

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We report on the experiments conducted at the Texas petawatt and the CoReLS facilities for the generation and detection of γ-ray beams using direct and indirect laser-driven acceleration techniques. Starting with the motion of an electron in a plane electromagnetic wave, we explore the historical development of self-consistent electrodynamic models, such as radiation reaction, in the presence of ultra-intense laser fields (peak intensities ≥ 10²² W/cm²). We cover results pertaining to the tight focusing of an ultrashort petawatt laser pulse for particle acceleration, the plasma expansion effects in particle (ion) acceleration, the development of γ-ray spectrometers for various energy and flux requirements, and the detection of γ-rays from direct or indirect laser-matter interactions. Finally, we conclude with an outlook on the design of a future, compact, and efficient laser-driven γ-ray beam facility.



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