No really. I’m fine. : an installation inspired by conditions we can’t or won’t see

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Mojica, Roxenia A.

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Mental health has always been a topic that sparked my interest, not only because it affects many people close to me, but also because it affects many more in our general population who are simply just existing day to day. As I have pushed myself further into an artistic career, I seem to find many around me who live with a mental ailment of some sort. This observation has lead me to explore a link between creativity and madness, studying the art of the institutionalized, regardless of whether their art was ever appreciated as art or not. Furthermore, it has left me frustrated at the lack of empathy directed towards those in our population who are outcast and overlooked for something that is out of their control. I wanted to do this project as an ally to those who cannot call themselves mentally healthy. It felt important to let them know that I see them and that others should too. How does one create empathy in a population for something that cannot be seen? Using my background in scenic design, and applying the same skill set I would use to evoke emotion from an audience, I am exploring how I can design an evocative three-dimensional space. The goal was eliciting empathy and understanding from an observer who may not have that disorder without alienating an observer who does


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