Graph based unit testing




Bushmais, Abraham H.

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Automating test design can increase test suit accuracy and produce more reliable software. In this report we present a prototype tool that can aid developers in unit testing Java code. It automates test path construction based on two existing graph-based criteria. It uses basis path coverage and prime path coverage to produce test paths. Our main contribution in this report is to design and implement a tool that goes beyond the commonly used coverage tools today. Common graph based coverage tools support statement coverage and sometimes branch coverage. Our tool support prime path coverage which subsumes a number of other graph based coverage criteria, including statement and branch coverage. Our tool is a Java based Eclipse plug-in that operates at the class level. It processes each method in a given class to produce a CFG, cyclomatic complexity, a set of basis paths, a set of prime paths, and a set of test paths based on prime path coverage.



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