Selective Laser Sintering of Stainless Steel 314S HC Processed Using Room Temperature Powder Beds

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Hauser, C.
Childs, T.H.C.
Dalgamo, K.W.

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Metal powder bed pre-heating is a proposed route for the homogenisation of temperature gradients that can otherwise cause individual layer warping and cracking in direct metal Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). However, the high temperatures involved complicate a relatively simple process. This paper reports on the conditions for successful small scale SLS of binderless stainless steel 314S powders within the surrounds of a room temperature powder bed. Results show that a scan length around 15.0mm and a scan spacing around 0.275mm produce sintered layers showing no signs of warping. Experimentation also indicates that single layer shape. effects warping but length oflayer propagation does not.


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