Processing of Bioceramic Implants Via Fused Deposition Process

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Bose, Susmita
Avila, Marisol
Bandyopadhyay, Amit

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Porous ceramic structures have long been a subject of investigation as bone sl..bstitute. Most of these porous structures are typically made by techniques that result .randomly arranged pores with a wide variety of pore sizes. In recent years, SFF methods are being used for the fabrication of porous bioceramic implants. Porous ceramic structures have been fabricated using indirect route where a .polymeric mold is fitst created via fused deposition process. The mold was then infiltrated with ceramic slurry, dried. and ·then subjected to a binder bum out and sintering cycle. In this paper, processing of 3D honeycomb porous alumina ceramic structures and some.initial mechanical properties for bone implants will be discussed.


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