Anatomical Modeling and Rapid Prototyping Assisted Surgical Reconstruction 555

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Jiang, T.
Lin, F.
Kaltman, Steven I.
Sun, W.

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A CAD-based approach to generate three-dimensional anatomical modeling and its application in analysis and rapid prototyping for surgical reconstruction is presented. The process of modeling technique, starting from processing computed tomography segmentation profiles, reverse engineering to reconstruct 3D anatomical model, and rapid prototyping to fabricate physical models are described. Methods of applying the least-square fitting criteria to simplify CT or MRI anatomical data, to generate NURBS based curves, surfaces, and solids, and to develop a CAD-based anatomical modeling for femur are introduced. Feasibility of using finite element method for femur structural analysis and using rapid prototyping to reproduce tactical medical model for surgical reconstruction is also discussed.


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