Pa Partnership for Girls: Be Fit with Friends: Training Manual and Session Guide

Latino Research Institute
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This training manual was awarded Best Educational Material in 2013 by the American Public Health Association, Public Health Education Health Promotion Section.

The BFF Leader Manual, one component of BFF, guides leaders of Girl Scout troops in the implementation of BFF through information and skills training and program sessions for small groups of girls, all of which promote increased PA and decreased sedentary behavior. BFF uses a variety of behavioral strategies to promote PA, provides opportunities in safe, non-intimidating settings for girls to enjoy PA and develop new skills, and connects girls and families to PA-promoting community resources. The 9-session BFF health education curriculum included in the manual was designed to increase girls’ knowledge of PA and health, build behavioral skills and increase social support to achieve behavior change.

The Physical Activity Partnership for Girls was funded by the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (R24MD005096).
Latino Research Institute. (2023). Partnership for Girls: Be Fit with Friends Facilitator Guide.