Rapid Manufacturing of Silicon Carbide Composites

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Evans, R. S.
Bourell, D. L.
Beaman, J. J.
Campbell, M. I.

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From the earliest days of SFF technology development, a viable technique for the direct manufacture of fully-functional parts has been a major technology goal. While direct metal methods have been demonstrated for a variety of metals including aluminum, steel and titanium, they have not reached wide commercial application due to processing speed, final material properties and surface finish. In this paper the development of an SLS-based rapid manufacturing (RM) platform is reviewed. The core of this platform is a thermosetting binder system for preform parts in contrast to the thermoplastic materials currently available for SLS. The preforms may include metal and/or ceramic powders. A variety of fully functional parts can be prepared from different combinations of materials and post processing steps including binder pyrolysis, free-standing alloy infiltration, room temperature polymer infiltration and machining. The main issues of these steps are reviewed followed by a discussion about the support of RM. This paper is an intermediate report additional materials, applications, process models and product design strategies will be incorporated into the project in the next year.


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