(Vol. 03, 2000-12) The Texas Species of Calliandra (Leguminosae, Mimosoideae)

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Turner, Billie L.

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The genus Calliandra is represented in Texas by five species: C. bifiora Tharp, a relatively uncommon taxon of southern Texas and Tamaulipas, Mexico; C. conferta Benth., a somewhat uncommon, species of northern Mexico, south-central and southern Texas; C. eriophylla Benth., a widespread variable species of Mexico, represented in Texas by rare outlier populations in Uvalde County; C. humilis Benth. (including C. herbacea Engelm. ex A. Gray), a very distinctive herbaceous species of Mexico, occurring in Texas in mostly montane igneous soils of the trans-Pecos, and C. iselyi B. L. Turner, sp. nov., a newly proposed species from the Big Bend region of trans-Pecos, Texas, this previously included under the descriptive parameters of C. conferta. A key to the Texas species of Calliandra is provided along with dot maps showing their distribution.


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