Hugh Newell Jacobsen Guest Lecture




Jacobsen, Hugh Newell

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Architectural projects and/or sites mentioned: Palace of Minos (2000 B.C.E. - 1400 B.C.E.) (Knossos, Greece) ; Piedmont (Lehrer House) (Hugh Newell Jacobsen, 1735/1989-1990) (Charles Town, West Virginia) ; Hillside House (Hugh Newell Jacobsen and Andrea Simeon, 1978-1992) (Athens, Greece) ; Syrigos House (Hugh Newell Jacobsen and Andrea Simeon, 1978-1992) (Athens, Greece) ; Palmedo House (Hugh Newell Jacobsen, 1988) (New York) ; Island House (Hugh Newell Jacobsen, 1989) (La Romana, Dominican Republic) ; Forbes House (Hugh Newell Jacobsen, 1989) (Bloomfield Hills, Michigan) ; Sohn House (Hugh Newell Jacobsen, 1990) (Ontario, Canada) ; St. John's University Art Center and Gallery (Hugh Newell Jacobsen, 1990) (Collegeville, Minnesota) ; Advaney House (Hugh Newell Jacobsen, 1991) (Voorschoten, Netherlands) ; Private Residence (Hugh Newell Jacobsen, 1992) (Nantucket, Massachusetts) ; Courtyard House (Hugh Newell Jacobsen, 1992) (Vero Beach, Florida) ; U.S. Capitol West Terrace Addition (Hugh Newell Jacobsen and George Malcom White, 1993) (Washington, D.C.) ; Windsor Crescent Building (unbuilt) (Hugh Newell Jacobsen) (Vero Beach, Florida)

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