Tapis-CHORDS Integration: Time-Series DataSupport in Science Gateway Infrastructure




Cleveland, Sean B.
Jamthe, Anagha
Padhy, Smruti
Powell, Je’aime
Stubbs, Joe
Daniels, Michael D.
Pierce, Suzanne A.
Jacobs, Gwen A.

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The explosion of IoT devices and sensors in recent years has led to a demand for efficiently storing, processing and analyzing time-series data. Geoscience researchers use time-series data stores such as Hydroserver, VOEIS and CHORDS. Many of these tools require a great deal of infrastructure to deploy and expertise to manage and scale. Tapis's (formerly known as Agave) platform as a service provides a way to support researchers in a way that they are not responsible for the infrastructure and can focus on the science. The University of Hawai‘i (UH) and Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) have collaborated to develop a new API integration that combines Tapis with the CHORDS time series data service to support projects at both institutions for storing, annotating and querying time-series data. This new Streams API leverages the strengths of both the Tapis platform and CHORDS service to enable capabilities for supporting time-series data streams not available in either tool alone. These new capabilities may be leveraged by Tapis powered science gateways with needs for handling spatially indexed time-series data-sets for their researchers as they have been at UH and TACC.


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