Sharir Dance with Jimmy Turner and Tina Marsh at Capitol City Playhouse; Yet Untitled (later titled "Uomo Nella Luna": October 13, 1989




Sharir, Yacov
Marsh, Tina
Turner, Jimmy
Sharir Dance Company
Dance Repertory Theatre

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Performance at the Capitol City Playhouse, Austin, TX.


Uoma Nella Luna performed here as "Yet Untitled". Yet Untitled is a work-in-progress based upon sound poetry by Christopher MIddleton. The work will be performed in full at the SDC January production with a score by composer Craig Nazor. Adjust VCR tracking if required for best playback. Choreography: Yacov Sharir. Dance company: Sharir Dance Company with Jimmy Turner and Tina Marsh; Sharir Dance Company with Dance Repertory Theatre. Dancers: Andrea Beckham, Christopher Boyd, Jose Luis Bustamante, Marcia Dick, Stephen Marcello, Carolyn Pavlik, Roxanne Saenz, Charles Santos, Kate Warren (Yet Untitled) Lighting: Amarante Lucero. Music: Barton McLean. Text: Christopher Middleton. Reader: Jose Luis Bustamante. Costumes: Gaye Bowen.


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