A collection of case studies for verification of reservoir simulators

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Li, Xue, active 2012

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A variety of oil recovery improvement techniques has been developed and applied to the productive life of an oil reservoir. Reservoir simulators have a definitely established role in helping to identify the opportunity and select the most suitable techniques to optimum improvement in reservoir productivity. This is significantly important for those reservoirs whose operating and development costs are relatively expensive, because numerical modeling helps simulate the increased oil productivity process and evaluates the performance without undertaking trials in field. Moreover, rapid development in modeling provides engineers diverse choices. Hence the need for complete and comprehensive case studies is increasing. This study will show the different characteristics of in-house (UTCOMP and GPAS) and commercial simulators and also can validate implementation and development of models in the future.
The purpose of this thesis is to present a series of case studies with analytical solutions, in addition to a series of more complicated field cases studies with no exact solution, to verify and test the functionality and efficiency of various simulators. These case studies are performed with three reservoir simulators, including UTCOMP, GPAS, and CMG. UTCOMP and GPAS were both developed at the Center for Petroleum and Geosystem Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin and CMG is a commercial reservoir simulator developed by Computer Modelling Group Ltd. These simulators are first applied to twenty case studies with exact solutions. The simulation results are compared with exact solutions to examine the mathematical formulations and ensure the correctness of program coding. Then, ten more complicated field-scale case studies are performed. These case studies vary in difficulty and complexity, often featuring heterogeneity, larger number of components and wells, and very fine gridblocks.



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