Women's experiences of economic empowerment : a study on the intent and effect of NGO empowerment programs in urban Ghana and India

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Krenz, Kristin Leigh

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This study explores the effect of two NGO empowerment programs on the lives of women in urban slum communities of Ghana and India. In particular, the research aims to understand whether and to what extent economic empowerment through microfinance and skills training addresses women’s basic need and gender inequality in contexts of urban poverty. Considering the centrality of “empowerment” to collective feminist politics as well as development policy and practice, the purpose of this study is to contemplate what “empowerment” actually means from the perspective of those actively engaged in the process. Based on the survey and interview responses of program clients, this project explores the depth and scope of NGO empowerment interventions and considers steps that can be taken to further women’s empowerment.



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