Collection of Fishes, Museum of Zoology, Northeast Louisiana University




Douglas, Neil H.

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University of Northeast Louisiana Fish Collection


This report (the 15th and final version of a series started in 1964) describes this large collection of preserved specimens of fishes, the history of development and growth of the collection, sources of funding, and the values and uses of its specimens and associated data. Also included is a list of the major specimen contributors (collectors), as well as a list of the type specimens held in the collection. The bulk of the report is a taxonomically organized summary of all specimens in the collection at the time of publication.

Subsequent to production of this report, the University of Louisiana Monroe administration announced that it was disposing of this collection, and a National Science Foundation-funded Award (#1745363, August 29, 2017), "RAPID: A regional plan to rescue the orphaned University of Louisiana Monroe Fish Collection" provided the resources to begin distribution of this collection to a consortium of regional fish collections (including Louisiana State University, Southeastern Louisiana University, Arkansas State University, the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, and University of Texas at Austin. This archive of this previously unpublished report was done as part of the process of accessioning and cataloging those specimens from Texas and surrounding states that came to the University of Texas at Austin.


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