Water Management Institutions along the Texas/Mexico Border, PRP 56




Eaton, David J.
Howe, Richard S.
Jamail, Milton H.
Martinez-Pereda, Pedro

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LBJ School of Public Affairs




This report on water management institutions in the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo basin was produced by a policy research project in the academic year 1982-1983. The study was supported by grants from the Middle Rio Grande Development Council and the Lyndon B. Johnson Foundation. This volume provides a directory of government institutions involved in the management of water resources in the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo basin in both Texas and Mexico. Each entry includes details on legislative authority, budgetary capacity, board membership, and geographical area of interest. One purpose of the directory is to provide the reader with a brief overview of the institutions operating in the basin. It also lists the names and addresses of persons within these institutions who can be contacted for additional information concerning their organizations' operations.

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