Development of a transport system for the copper source of the Texas Intense Positron Source facility

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Doron, Oded

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The Texas Intense Positron Source (TIPS) facility is under development at the UT TRIGA 1.1 MW Mark II research reactor. When the facility is completed it will provide a high intensity, monoenergetic, mono-directional positron beam. The natural copper source will be transported into beam port 1 of the reactor where it will be irradiated at close proximity to the reactor core. The source will be transported out to a source chamber where the positrons will be electrostatically extracted and moderated with annealed tungsten foil. The moderated positrons will be directed to a sample and positron spectroscopy will be performed on the sample. Currently the positron moderator and beam line are being developed and tested with a 10 mCi ²²Na source. The beam port transport system has been completed, installed, and tested in beam port 1 of the reactor.