The Effects on 3D Printed Molds on Metal Castings

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Snelling, Dean
Blount, Heather
Forman, Charles
Ramsburg, Kelly
Wentzel, Andrew
Williams, Christopher
Druschitz, Alan

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University of Texas at Austin


Additive manufacture of sand molds via binder jetting enables the casting of complex metal geometries. Various material systems have been created for 3D printing of sand molds; however, a formal study of the materials’ effects on cast products has not yet been conducted. In this paper the authors investigate potential differences in material properties (microstructure, porosity, mechanical strength) of A356 – T6 castings resulting from two different commercially available 3D printing media. In addition, the material properties of cast products from traditional “no-bake” silica sand is used as a basis for comparison of castings produced by the 3D printed molds.


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