Improving Upon Knowledge, Treatments, and Causes of Neurocardiogenic Syncope, a Genetic Analysis Considering Epilepsy




Fein, Matthew

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The main topic I am discussing in my thesis writing is surrounding seizure disorders, specifically epilepsy, and the genetic and symptomatic links between epilepsy and neurocardiogenic syncope. My methodology involves examining the known diagnostics, causes, and genetics surrounding Neurocardiogenic Syncope and discovering the reason why such little information exists about the syndrome in the medical world. Through my research, I aim to deeply understand the pathophysiology, genetic basis, and available treatments and diagnoses of each condition, which will uncover new forms and methods of treatment for NCS that target the pre-existing condition, possibly genes or drugs that inhibit the expression of a gene, rather than medicating the symptoms of the disorder. The reason for such disregard in the medical field surrounds the fact that the cause of neurocardiogenic syncope is unclear and there does not exist one consensus on the cause other than certain sensory triggers, along with the multitude of genes that are associated with seizures. The most important part of understanding the relationship between epilepsy and NCS is finding the biochemical or genetic link, if it exists, between seizures and neurocardiogenic syncope, determining the causes, and analyzing viable treatments and improving upon diagnostic techniques.


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