Hd 91669B: A New Brown Dwarf Candidate From The McDonald Observatory Planet

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Wittenmyer, Robert A.
Endl, Michael
Cochran, William D.
Ramirez, Ivan
Reffert, Sabine
MacQueen, Phillip J.
Shetrone, Matthew

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We report the detection of a brown dwarf candidate orbiting the metal-rich K dwarf HD 91669, based on radial-velocity data from the McDonald Observatory Planet Search. HD 91669b is a substellar object in an eccentric orbit (e = 0.45) at a separation of 1.2 AU. The minimum mass of 30.6M(Jup) places this object firmly within the brown dwarf desert for inclinations i greater than or similar to 23 degrees. This is the second rare close-in brown dwarf candidate discovered by the McDonald planet search program.


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Wittenmyer, Robert A., Michael Endl, William D. Cochran, Sabine Reffert, Phillip J. MacQueen, and Matthew Shetrone. >HD 91669B: a new brown dwarf candidate from the McDonald observatory planet search.> The Astronomical Journal, Vol. 137, No. 3 (Mar., 2009): 3529.