Internal wild : a collection of poetry

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Sectioned by texture and mood, Internal Wild is a collection of poetry that observes aspects of romantic, as well as filial, love in America, Europe, Asia next to the lush environs of the natural world. The second part of the thesis is a collection of three short stories, entitled Pragmatic Romanticist. The first story (“Going Goldberg”) is about a young classical concert pianist who tows the fragile line between her art, musical competition, family, and self-possession. “Happy Birthday in Ho Chi Minh City” tells the story of a newly married New York City couple, an unexpected revelation at the husband’s birthday dinner, and the personal politics of their marriage. The third story, “Fascinating Lawns,” is a darkly comic homage to eclectic and somewhat eccentric family reunions as it relates to the conflicted intimacies of a couple looking for mutual shelter. The final part of the thesis includes a creative process essay which reflects on the aesthetics, influences, and technique of the writing. An author vita is included at the end



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