Chasing weightlessness : a return to self




Muwwakkil, Love

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Chasing Weightlessness: A Return to Self is a deeply personal and introspective exploration of my journey towards rediscovering an inherent sense of liberation through locating moments of flight and weightlessness. Reflecting on a series of professional and personal experiences, I identify embodied tools that allow me to grapple with the effects of the imposed colonial archive on the body and seek to answer these questions: What does liberation feel like in my body? How do we navigate and dismantle the imposed colonial archive that lives in our bodies? What strategies can we use to reconnect or resource the inherent liberation in our bodies and instill deep trust of self? What happens when we stop performing liberation and make it a lived experience? I highlight the above questions as a personal road map on my quest for flight and weightlessness. Applying embodied tools as praxis, I explore the creative iteration of my work, ReSourced: Portals of Possibility, side by side with the written documentation, as a collection of embodied attempts to locate and sustain a state of liberation in my body, as a way to counteract the tensions of being both Black and a woman, and to understand the experience of freedom in my first home, the body. This work highlights the tension between oppression and liberation that I am constantly negotiating and invites the reader to have an embodied experience alongside the reading.


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