Process-controlled Grading of the Young's Modulus of AlSi10Mg Components Using L-PBF




Geis, J.
Reichwein, J.
Merschroth, H.
Kirchner, E.
Weigold, M.

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Laser Powder Bed Fusion (L-PBF) increases freedom in the design of components and is therefore well suited for the manufacturing of complex geometries tailored to their function. In addition, it is possible to influence the microstructural characteristics of the components by varying the process parameters during the L-PBF process. This allows shifting the load from areas with high stresses to less heavily loaded areas in order to exploit the full potential of the material. For this purpose, the process window in which the Young‘s modulus of the material AlSi10Mg can be varied was investigated. Subsequently, test geometries were analyzed by finite element method with respect to their critical component areas and a design for grading the Young‘s modulus to distribute stress more uniformly was developed. These specimens were then manufactured and compared with components manufactured using homogeneous parameters.



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