Intention detection in domain-specific information

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Spangler, William
Donehower, Lawrence A.
Nagarajan, Meenakshi
Wilkins, Angela D.
Bachman, Benjamin J.
Lichtarge, Olivier
Regenbogen, Sam J.
Pickering, Curtis R.

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United States Patent and Trademark Office


A new information in a language and relating to a subject matter domain is parsed into a constituent set of complete grammatical constructs. In a subset of the complete grammatical constructs, a set of linguistic styles of the language is identified according to a subset of a set of word-style associations related to the language and independent of the subject matter domain. A first weight is assigned to a first linguistic style and a second weight to a second linguistic style from the set of linguistic styles. A first intention information is mapped to the first style using a first style-intention rule, and a second intention information to the second style using a second style-intention rule. A complete grammatical construct in the subset is tagged with the first intention information responsive to a weight associated with the first intention information exceeding an intention selection threshold.



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