What is the Impact of Racial and Ethnic Discrimination on Adolescents’ Well-Being?




Benner, Aprile D.
Wang, Yijie
Shen, Yishan
Boyle, Alaina E.
Polk, Richelle
Cheng, Yen-Pi

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University of Texas at Austin Population Research Center



Racial and ethnic disparities are common across multiple domains in the United States and likely rooted in experiences of discrimination that occur early in individuals’ lives. In this brief, PRC faculty research associate Aprile D. Benner and colleagues report on a meta-analysis that examines whether adolescents’ perceptions of racial and ethnic discrimination are negatively linked to their well-being. They found that greater experiences of racial and ethnic discrimination are associated with higher levels of socioemotional distress, a higher likelihood of engaging in risky health behaviors and lower academic achievement. They also found that discrimination poses the greatest risk for Latino youth and younger adolescents.

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