A New Approach to a High Efficiency Inductive Store

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Zowarka, R. C.
Kajs, J. P.
Pratap, S. B.
Price, J. H.
Weldon, W. F.
Weldon, J.
Pappas, J.A.

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A topology has been developed for a highly efficient inductive store suitable for pulsed-power applications. The design features high L/R ratios without having to cryogenically cool the conductors. This allows for high efficiency charging of the inductor from low-impedance DC sources such as batteries or homopolar generators. The inductor design produces very low external flux, which makes it suitable for laboratory applications where magnetic pressures on adjacent conductive structures and EM (electromagnetic) interference noise introduced into control and instrumentation systems is a concern. The inductor may be fabricated in modules for cost-effectiveness and ease of assembly


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R.C. Zowarka, J. P. Kajs, S. B. Pratap, J. H. Price, W. F. Weldon, J. Weldon, J.A. Pappas, “A new approach to a high efficiency inductive store,” IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, vol. 27, no. 1, January 1991, pp. 384-389.