Reading intervention and extended-day reading programs for intermediate grade students : a case study

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Porter, Jennifer Rhea, 1976-

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The purpose of this study was to develop a case study to understand the processes and outcomes of reading intervention as conducted in the specific context of a large school district in north Texas. In particular, the study examined how students were identified as needing reading intervention and their subsequent success on measures of reading achievement over a period of three years in comparison with students who were not identified for reading intervention. This study employed a sequential mixed methods design in which the collection and analysis of quantitative data preceded qualitative data collection and analysis. Interview data were collected to illuminate the processes and challenges of conducting reading intervention in the classroom setting. The findings determined that the district is successful in its aims related to reading achievement on standardized measures of reading in grades three, four, and five despite a lack of evidence that success could be contributed solely to the provision of reading intervention. Three findings emerged: 1) students were served with a combination of services determined by each campus in the study, 2) teachers' provision of reading instruction did not align with district recommendations, and 3) students identified for reading intervention and served with either of the intervention programs were successful on measures of reading achievement but did not attain similar levels of achievement as non-identified peers.



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