Accessory dwelling units : an infill opportunity for Denton, Texas

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King, Jessica Lee

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This study explores the potential to increase housing options in the core of Denton, Texas by way of an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) housing type. Literature on ADU development, including state and local laws that enable their development, were reviewed to explore the potential for an ADU initiative in Denton. Case study cities with ADU ordinances, Santa Cruz, CA and El Paso, TX, were reviewed to gather insight on their purpose, process and ordinance. Local multi-family development in downtown Denton was reviewed to document an increase in multi-family development in the core of the city since 2003. City of Denton planning and development policies were reviewed to understand the extent to which ADUs are currently permitted. Finally, based on the literature, case study findings and existing conditions in Denton, this report suggests methods to permit ADUs at a more comprehensive scale. This study concludes with a recommendation to designate the existing infill special purpose district as a boundary to promote comprehensive accessory dwelling unit development within the City of Denton.



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