Disembodied garments and The Lost Garment Archive, a deep exploration

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Lowerre, Jessica R.

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This is an artist’s exploration of her materials. Costume Designers artfully combine their knowledge of dress with the bodies of performers in order to generate characters that convey narrative. A costume designer’s medium is clothing, and the human body is the canvas. Just as a painter might deepen their knowledge of their art form by studying the qualities and histories of paints and pigments, I have engaged in an exploration of empty clothing in order to deepen my knowledge of Costume Design. I have explored this topic by studying sites where empty garments are gathered together, by generating and archiving a collection of empty garments, and presenting my work in an installation, The Lost Garment Archive. Observing collections of empty clothing separated from the complexity of the human form offers insight into garment histories. Because garments are intrinsically connected to our bodies, their stories are our stories.


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