Lunar Seismic Data Analysis, Final Technical Report, NASA Grant NSG-7418 30 June 1982. UTIG Galveston

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Nakamura, Yosio

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Institute for Geophysics


This research program, covering the 53-month period, February 1978 through June 1981, and performed under NASA Grant NSG-7418, has been a continuation of the original Apollo lunar passive seismic experiment (NASA Contracts NAS 9-5957, NAS 9-13149, NAS 9-14581 and NAS 9-14810) following the termination of the data acquisition phase of the experiment. The principal objectives of the program have been (1) to complete processing of the acquired data to provide lunar seismic data files accessible to all potential investigators, and (2) to analyze the data for timely dissemination of significant new results to the lunar and planetary science community. This final report is a summary of accomplishment during the period of the Grant. Detailed results of the investigation have been published during the course of the study. These publications are listed in the PUBLICATIONS section of this report. Abstracts of these publications are included in the Appendix.


Also listed as UTIG Contribution #530.


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Nakamura, Yosio. "Lunar Seismic Data Analysis, Final Technical Report, NASA Grant NSG-7418." University of Texas Institute for Geophysics Technical Report No. 19 (30 June 1982), 20p.