Secondary Natural Gas Recovery: Use of Dipmeters in Stratigraphic and Depositional Interpretation of Natural Gas Reservoirs of the Oligocene Vicksburg Formation: An Example from McAllen Ranch Field, Hidlgo County Texas

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Langford, Richard P.

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Dipmeter interpretation techniques based on the correlation of dipmeter results with maps, cores, and VSP have been developed to aid in the identification of secondary gas recovery in the Vicksburg section of McAllen Ranch Field in South Texas. The objectives of this program include the identification of optimal dipmeter processing parameters to match structural and stratigraphic features in the cores; integration of structural dipmeter results into the structural mapping; correlation of dipmeter results to depositional dips in the cores to identify interpretation methods for predicting sand developments between wellbores; and identification of growth fault-associated structural features that tend to cause reservoir compartments.

Results of these efforts have been documented, and the dipmeter results aided in the description of the reservoir. Dipmeter processing parameters were identified that produced results reflecting structural and stratigraphic features in the cores. Large slump features interpreted from the dipmeter were corroborated by the VSP. Numerous small slump features indicate the orientation of permeability reductions. Microresistivity curves were correlated with cement types in the core, allowing qualitative permeability predictions. Hole breakouts were compared to acoustic anisotropy to predict formation stress vectors.


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