Automated Lattice Optimization of Hinge Fitting with Displacement Constraint

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Dakshnamoorthy, Vignesh
Taylor, Robert V.

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University of Texas at Austin


Additive manufacturing enables fabrication of complex lattice cell structures that are not manufacturable using conventional methods. In order to exploit this lattice capability in structural designs, the effect on structural performance must be considered. This paper uses a goose neck door hinge component to illustrate the effects of lattice structure optimization when stiffness criteria drive part design. The effect of intermediate lattice cell density parameters on resulting lattice configurations from automated lattice structure optimization are studied and it is found that the compliance of the model depends upon the range of intermediate density elements present. The paper then compares the effect of a displacement constraint on optimized weight from rib-stiffened and lattice-stiffened shell models. It is shown that optimized weight results from the lattice configuration depend on part stiffness requirements. The results show that lattice structures can be successfully implemented in weight-critical components where relaxation in the displacement constraint is acceptable.


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